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Greyed out find instrument on the Instrument Manager

Question asked by QREP_VOYCE on Sep 10, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2009 by vincefoo

I am a beginner to agilent vee pro but I have some experience with the HPvee a long time ago..

I just downloaded the agilent vee pro 9 together with the Agilent IO library suite from agilent website....  The connection expert from the agilent IO control detects the tektronix scope perfectly but on my agilent vee pro it couldn't detect it at all.. from what I read is I need to go to instrument manager and press the find my instrument button from that manager and it should detect all instrument connected in my PC... but the find instrument button is disable (greyout).... couldnt press... nadah...

Is this feature not available ON THE EVALUATION ONLY SOFTWARE? I was trying to evaluate this software before I make a purchase and the primary use of this program to our company will be for controlling instrument and datalogging.. I need to demo to my boss that this software will ease the pain in our testing if not I need to figure something else...

Please help...