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Output Connectors for the Agilent N6700 Modular Power Supplies

Question asked by paulf on Oct 18, 2012
This video gives a tour of the different output connectors for the various N6700 Modular power supplies. 
This video also provides the part numbers so that you can order them from the Agilent website if necessary (


For more information:

Part #s mentioned in video:
12Amp output connector plug: 1253-5826
Sense Jumper: 8120-8821

For modules; N6731B, N6741B, N6754A, N6773A
20Amp output connector plug: 1253-6211
Sense jumper: 0360-2935

for module: N6753A
50AMp output connector plug: 1253-7187
Sense jumper: 1253-5830

N6780 series modules:
8 output connector plug: 1253-6408

2 pin output connector plug: 1253-8485 (N6781A only)

To install N6780 SMU into N6705a DC Power Analyzer:
Adaptor: 5188-8413