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How to get another 30 day EVAL

Question asked by wikily on Sep 3, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2011 by wikily
Hope I don't get banned for this, but it's an honest question.

I picked up an EVAL copy a few months ago when unemployed, and to remove the cobwebs from my Vee programming.

I didn't find it much use as I didn't really have an application.

Now I do, as I started a job last week.

My issue is, My eval has expired, and if I go down the road of asking them to buy a copy for a Keyence demo next week, I'll be shot down immediately... you know big corpo's and software standards.

Anyway, If I could reactivate the EVAL for 30 days, I could show the demo, and then the question would be 'how did you do that so nicely' .... i.e. they then have no problem buying 1 and hopefully over time multiple copies.

I'm pretty sure if I un-install, and reinstall, some keys remain, so I could be busted..... I'd just really like to give Vee a chance to be shown in this application.