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using VEE to communicate with NFM

Question asked by raskyl on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by evanpan
hello guys! i am mostly a VB programmer and when i was asked to extract data from an obsolete machine, 8970B NFM, i was quite excited and tried to use vb to communicate with it but to no avail.  to get straight to the point. i noticed that this machine already had a program written to extract data from it. however this program is totally alien to me.
This program called Agilent VEE.
so i read up on this software and found out that VB can call out functions from VEE but i dont know how, though i found some PDF files to help me extract data from the machine, its really not user friendly at all. there are no templates or good enough guides for me to work on. so this is a plea for help you can say.

this is by far the most visual and helpful "guide" to extract data from the machine but i could not find a lot of the items they put there, most of them i found by trial and error, meaning just clicking on some of the items and see if it looked like the image.yeah.. ... =SG&lc=eng
this is the guide. and there is a bloody long text of code in this which is, well.. mind numbing because i don't understand anything at all. ... =SG&lc=eng

it was grouped together with "extraction of data" but i didnt read it because it looked very tedious.

thank you so much for reading this really long post and i hope you will get back to me soon!