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VEE is not really Multi-threading it is just emulating it.

Question asked by virgiltu on Sep 22, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2010 by virgiltu
For some reason i can not remove my old post. But my original project was to used an NIDaq with two different modules in it. One that will read the voltage across a resistor and another module that will turn the power on and off. Very Simple. I am new at programing vee but i do have a large extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software. So that said I am trying to accomplish just as i said. Create a voltage channel start read and turn a relay on and off wile the system reads for 5 seconds. In the end the result will be the voltage drop from the resistor as power was being shut on and off during witch the other ni daq reading was the data.

Looking through the examples i found the Multi-thread option witch sounded like just what i needed. If i set the readdaq on one thread and the relaydaq on another with a delay ahead of the relay daq i can turn the relay on and off as the readdaq is running. I guess the idea is that Multi-thread means to run more then one process in parallel. (at the same time)

After opening the example of how a multi-thread program should run i decided to run the debug and see how the execution sequence witch to my surprise the example was not executing in the same time, however all it was doing was just going from user object to user object on a different processor. Witch is the same thing as me going from NY to Californian and jumping from car to car when the tank gets low. (bad analogy but you get the point)

So maybe im just wrong and the guys from agilent did not spent the time to write in vee two execution sequence dots going in the same time. However i totally doubt this since i just made a really simple program and the threads do not execute at the same time. You can just open the example. you will see what I am talking about.
If i am wrong please let me know because this makes no sens as i was not able to find any documentation on how to run two niDaq modules in the same time.
Multi-instrument does not consider the daq as an instrument.