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3-port X-parameter measurement of PA with external driver

Question asked by giulio_unifi on Oct 18, 2012
Hi everybody,

I am encountering some serious problems as I am trying to extract a 3-port X-parameter model of a PA with an external driver (Mini-Circuit ZHL-42W) between jumper j10 and j11 of the rear panel. The extracted x-par model behaves terribly in ADS, and after a hard testing week I am guessing if it's possible to use an external driver in a 3-port measure. I've already extracted a 2-port+1-dc_port model of the PA with the same driver between j10 and j11 as well, and the results in ADS were perfect. Now I am using the setup #7 described in (Internal RF, External LO, 10 MHz reference), the driver being the only difference. Does anyone has some solution?

Thank you very much,

Giulio Casini.