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Spectrum Analyser requirement in Instrument cluster

Question asked by smv on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by smv
Dear all,
Please help to understand how much it is usefull to own spectrum analyser for Instrument cluster PCB EMC testing ?
Let me explain you in detail, Normally our customer demands for different EMC standards like CISPR25, AIS004 and some european standards in different classes, so we may have to use the 3rd party labs for the testing everytime, if we are not able to meet the standards, their will be PCB revision change, gerber change etc..etc.. it takes lot of time and we need to spend lot of money as well, so thinking to have our own Spectrum analyser for pre testing our PCB boards.
Kindly suggest me the best and reasonable Spectrum Analyser model and how much it is useful to have our own
by considering the number of test per year would be 5-6 PCBs per year.

Kindly help me out..

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