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Advanced technical specifications for U1273A OLED Super yellow

Question asked by on Jul 12, 2012
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I have one U1273A that in 10 hours of continuous operation as data logger measuring 220V AC at full brightness,
at the first two digits that was staying unchanged I have noticed at the OLED test display mode, that those pixels have some sort of burn-in traces.

Alternatively it can be described as 3% loss of brightness in the first two digits at the pixels who create the shape of the number two.

I have read several scientific documents about the technology for the manufacturing of the OLED Super yellow portable displays,
known enemies looks to be oxygen / water / leakage current. 

I am unable to understand if this burn-in signs are considered as normal or as expected result.

I am not saying that the display are going to die, but I need some answers, or some sources of information about in depth specifications of the specific OLED display.