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Matlab file format for 89601B

Question asked by bjoerneric on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by DaveHornbeck
Hi everybody,

i am currently looking to write a matlab script which exports my I/Q Data into a file that can be read by the 89601B VSA Software.
I would like to support all versiond of the matlab files, so that i can use older versions of matlab as well to create these files.
Is there a describtion what needs to be in matlab file in
order to be read by the VSA. 
Is there a list of neccessary and optional information? Maybe there is an existing.m file?
The VSA Help talks about a file that i cannot find:

"The VSA software includes a MATLAB Tool "MATLAB script function savevsarecording.m" that will be used within the MATLAB Developers Environment to help create VSA compatible signal source playback recording. The MATLAB tool adds the necessary header information to the signal complex time data and saves as a compatible VSA source playback signal recording file "filename.mat"."