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N6700B control with Labview

Question asked by makeitwork on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by MattC
I am using Labview and TestStand to control three N6700B.  I have a test setup consisting of 6 test sockets running in parallel.  TestStand is setup for AutoSchedule, allowing the test equipment to be utilized when it becomes available. Each N6700B provides power to two test sockets.  I am having trouble with both test sockets trying to access the power supply at the same time causing a VISA timeout to occur and locking up the system.  When this occurs, they are typically in different stages of the test process.  I have Locks set in TestStand around each interaction with the power supply to allow only one socket at a time access the PS, but that isn't always working.  How do I ensure that one test socket is done talking to the power supply before giving access to the other test socket?  Do you have any example LabView code of how that can be done?   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.