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Remotely setting the external trigger delay on ESG E4438C

Question asked by hschoen on Mar 5, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by tabbott

the command ":TRIGger:EXTernal:DELay 500us" gives the error message 113 (undefined header). What have I made wrong?

I have tried the command ":FREQ 1 GHz" and it works. So communication does not seem to be a problem. I tested the trigger command  before and after having loaded my arbitrary wave form.
The reason why I use the trigger command is a problem in remotely uploading an SCP file (with LabView). When doing this I get the error 100 (parameter not allowed). However, my arbitrary wave form is set OK with the exception of the external trigger delay. When I upload the same SCP file manually with the Signal Studio everthing is fine (including the external trigger delay). Why is that?

I use the Agilent "Measurement and Automation Explorer" for connecting the ESG and sending the remote commands.