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HP 11664A Detector Connector

Question asked by SOLT_guy on Sep 22, 2012
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Dear Sir:

     One end of the HP 11664A detector is connected to the output of a directional coupler and the other end is connected to a test instrument, generally (eg.: network analyzer).  

     I want to see the raw data from the HP11664A detector on an oscilloscope.   I was wondering if Agilent sells a connector for use by service technicians which will enable them to look at the raw data from this detector directly on an oscilloscope (and also,  possibly, supply the necessary voltage).

     If a general connector types exists which can enable a service tech to look directly at the output of a power sensor (I own Agilent power sensors) or a crystal detector, please let me be aware of how I can obtain this type of connector.  Thank you.

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