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SYSTem:CTYPe? slot does not work on a 34980A with several relay modules

Question asked by db3tk on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by tomc
I want to read remotely which modules are installed in a 34980A and which serial numbers they have. There are currently four 34939A in slots 1...4 and a 34938A in slot 5. I can operate the relays from within my own C# code, with Agilent Interactive IO and with a the web interface. 

But when I type, e.g. 
"SYSTem:CTYPe? 1" 
into Agilent Interactive IO to find out which module is actually installed in slot 1, there is no reply at all. When I try again with the same or another slot number, the device beeps. Then, SYST:ERR? reports the error "-410,"Query INTERRUPTED; ""

So it seems that the device does actually process the SYSTem:CTYPe?" query, but it does not terminate. 

In the web interface, I can click the "Module overview" button and display the information about the individual modules. 

What is going on here?