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Interfacing ADS with serial port

Question asked by ShoaibHassan on Aug 31, 2012
Hi, I have developed a transmitter and receiver on ADS, now i am looking to create a wired link between two PC's. Actually i want to make transmitter at one end and Receiver at the other PC. for this purpose i want to know if ADS can send data to serial port directly so that using serial cable i can communicate between the two systems. Another choice that i have is to transmit and receive this data using Ethernet port. An Ethernet cable would transmit and receive data between two systems. Please guide me if any of these or any other choices are available to perform this transmission and reception. Moreover i have two transceiver designs one is operational for C band with 115.2kbps data rate and other at Ku band with 1.5Mbps data rate. Also guide me which one design to choose for the purpose.
I would be extremely grateful to the one who helps.
Shoaib Hassan