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Driver Scope Not Found

Question asked by MTYooper51 on Jul 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2011 by changmeikuan
Over a year ago I wrote a data collection program on a Trial version of VEE (6.0 I think).  The trial has since expired and we need to run the program again; therefore we purchased VEE Express 9.2.  When trying to open the old data collection program, I get the following error:Image I have checked for the driver and it does exist in the panel driver section of the advanced instrument properties pop up.  I also know that the scope we are using is connected to ther computer as the Agilent connection expert can see it.  I know only of the following problem, the driver is for an 4339A meter and we are using a 4339B meter.  However this setup worked when using the older trial version of VEE.

Your thoughts/advise would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.