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U2352A DAQ module with VEE

Question asked by ashimoto750 on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2011 by changmeikuan
A colleague has been writing VEE code and suitably modifying examples for my project, in order to collect data and log graphically the 6 AtoD channels of a Data Translation DT9816 USB DAQ module. We have drivers and other  limited information from DT for using this module with VEE but ,regrettably,  support for VEE ceased some time ago from DT. We now have a VEE program collecting, graphing and storing to disk,  6 channels of data at 1kHz/channel . However, I have just found that Agilent sell a U2352A USB DAQ. How well supported is this module for use with VEE 8.5 ( or 9.2 if necessary)? Are there any examples for using it with VEE  to continuously store data from the U2352A module, graphing six channels on a YT trace in real time ( or slightly delayed) and storing the data for six channels in binary or similar format to disk? 1kHz/channel sampling would be adequate. Considering that this module is nearly double the price of the DT9816,  then the support from Agilent would have to be a vast improvement to persuade us to switch modules. We have several projects/applications which need this kind of DAQ function within a large VEE program, which is primarily  used to control test rigs.

Kind regards Ashley Derrick