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LearnVEE launched!

Question asked by edwinhoh on Jun 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by Woozie
Hi folks,

I’m pleased to announce the launch of LearnVEE Module 1 today!

LearnVEE is an intuitive e-learning module that covers Agilent VEE programming basics, programming exercises and a short quiz to test your understanding. The module comes with clear instructions to guide you through programming on your own with Agilent VEE. The entire module takes 45 minutes, however it is conveniently self-paced so returning registrants can login to complete the course at any time.

What’s more: the module is available FREE of charge.
For a limited time only, every 50th registrant is entitled to a FREE Agilent VEE Pro 9.2 license.

Check it out at

For suggestions and feedback, email to

Edwin Hoh
Agilent Technologies