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using multiport solution for network analyzer?

Question asked by omid_juve on May 21, 2008
Latest reply on May 24, 2008 by Dr_joel
Dear Sir
we have  3 network analyzer in our company for our RF production and test that we have . now we want to increase our production with the least increase in our equipment. let me axactly tell you the work we do here with network analyzer.
1)we want to check the insertion loss and return loss of rf cable
and take a plot for them and compare it to the reference plot that we have.
2)we use for setting the DMU board of a BTS rack . (the dmu board is a passive filter and we should adjust the cut off freq. of it and also the insertion & return loss of the rf cable that connect to this module .
so now i want to know if we can use a multi port solution for our E5070 network analyzer and for example test 7 or 8 rf cable (depending on the multi port ) simultaneously in the same time that we test 1 rf cable and also
the same thing for adjusting 7 or 8 filter at the same time with another device?
also please let me know that if we can use a LAN connection to make a network with pc and have measurments there in the pc ?
please let me know any suggestion that you have for increasing our production capacity with current equipment
Thanks In Advance