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N9000A CXA Signal Analyzer for EMC conducted measurement

Question asked by thomas9003 on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by MikeM

I'm using N9000A CXA signal analyzer to do conducted testing on my DUT ( LED lighting ) for CISPR 15 from 9kHz to 150kHz.

Is there a connected test software I can install in N9000A CXA for 1 button measurement? like the trace file attached?

I'm using EMCO model 3825/2 LISN now, do you have the amplitude correction data for this model?

The measurement is in linear mode now, I was thinking to do a firmware update to A.10.52 (latest version) 

Will it change to log mode after the update? 

Please refer to the attached screen shots CXA and R&S spectrum analyzer measured. There are some differences in the reading.

Hope you can help.