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E3631A - Want display to show voltage/current in realtime

Question asked by LabVIEWnoob on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by tubesing
I'm brand new to this forum, but I suspect I am going to be getting a lot out of this. 

Here's what I'm working with. I have an Agilent E3631A power supply, and it is being controlled via GPIB by a LabVIEW program. I did not develop the current program, so I am slowly determining what/how it does the job. The developer of the current program has moved on to another company and I (and others) are able to change it as needed. We do not wish to refactor it, only maintain it and tweak it to do the things we need it to do. Regarding LabVIEW, I am brand new to it, but have taken Core 1 and 2, so  I know how to do most of the basics.

All that being said, currently, once the program sets the voltage of the power supply and turns the output on and moves on to bigger and better things, the power supply screen simply displays the "limit" view, shich is to say, it merely displays the set voltage and current limit. Simply put, I want it the display to go back to displaying the realtime voltage and current like it would if I set it manually. I have looked all through the manual for that model device and I really didn't find a command which accomplishes this. It seems as though as long as you are in a GPIB VISA session(?), there's no way to give a command to display 'locally' or to otherwise display the normal free-running realtime voltage and current.

I feel like this should be simple. Programmatically I know that if I wanted to keep talking to the device during the whole program (which I could in fact do since LabVIEW is parallel in nature), I could periodically query the voltage and current values and then use the command to display that as text on th screen. But, it's got to be easier than that, doesn't it?? Please tell me that I am just overlooking a simple command.....