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83620A Component level info

Question asked by 8510fan on Aug 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by jlubecky
Is component level info for the 83620 still available ? i know at some point it was , i am looking for information on the pin-out on J4 of A20 RF Interface board especially pin 4 , 5, 13, 15 all the other pins seem to be GND and power but those seem to be some kind of control lines, i was reading the description of the LB module in a old HP journal but it does not indicate that there are any control lines coming from or going to the LB module but my assumption is that those are probably lock detect lines and some other self-test lines, i would appreciate any help !
I got a old 83620B from salvage im trying to repair , it seems to work fine except of the LB module and sending it in is not a option since its too costly !