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N5182A MXG

Question asked by eladm on Aug 8, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2011 by tabbott
I am using Agilent N5182A MXG Signal Generator with AWGN injection, controlled by matlab via lan connection.
I want to use C/N noise mode.
Because of the fact I’m using multiple baseband generator synchronization feature, I can’t use the Trigger Type to be Continuous + Free (page 319 on the SCPI Command Reference)
The problem is that when I’m changing C/N ratio, the signal stops playing and I need to resend a trigger command to the SG.
This scenario creates about 200ms in which no signal is being played. My application can’t stand this long time of no signal playing.
I checked the what happens when using FREE mode (with no multiple baseband generator synchronization feature) and I saw that the time of no signal shrinks to about only 5ms.
I’m wondering is there a way to achieve this kind of retriggering time while using multiple baseband generator synchronization feature.

Thanks in advance.