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53131A Counter, any chance to use .NET?

Question asked by Wernherr on Jun 11, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by hp3458a3458z

I have a 53131A counter connected over a GPIB together with several other instruments that support IVI-COM drivers (34980A switch and E3646A power supply) hanging on the same GPIB string.

My software that communicates to the instruments is a C# .NET application.
In the Agilent drivers support section of the counter I only see a 17 years old VEE panel driver ...

Does that mean I have to write a new driver based on SCPI syntax to support the 53131A counter?
Or is there any chance to communicate to the instrument in a more modern way?

I hope this question is not too far off topic since this forum is related to VEE Software.
I just don't know any better place to post it.