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Ecal Problems/Repeatability issues

Question asked by pthao on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by pthao
Hello my name is Phong Thao and am fairly new to network anaylzers as I'm a fresh graduate. I'm trying to do a 2 port ecal on a n5222a and everytime it comes out with different results. Even when performed back to back they're are some minor differences. Sometimes I will end up with gain in s22 parameters. What do you think is the problem? test leads, if so how can I test them? This is also doing it when doing a manual cal with a sliding load. 

Also, what is the expected target range should I be looking for when a Cal is done. For example for S11 (at 1.0:1) and S22 (-0.01db) at 2-26Ghz 

Thanks in advcane