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Power calibration with use of receiver "A"

Question asked by tigrane on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by Dr_joel
Hello everyone,

I am currently writing a code in 'C' using labwindows/CVI to perform a power calibration on my PNA-X N5245A. I want to calibrate the source power, using only the receiver reference. (receiver "A").
So I launch a source power cal, define the SetCalInfoEx for port 1, source 1 but when the calibration panel appears on the pna screen(very quickly), the source power field is empty. The calibration is performed and we can see the message "PASS" on the screen. But when i try applying this cal, no function is working, i tried:

At this step I am facing two problem to finish my calibration:
First problem,I get the error althought I really apply the cal for port1 source1.
      +Message: 686+
      +Source power calibration has not been performed or uploaded for the specified channel and source port.+
      +Severity: Error+
      +EventID: E80202AE (hex)+
Second problem after one error 686, i get this error until I reboot the whole PNA althought nothing is happening on the PNA.
    +Message: 685+
    +Power meter is reserved by a source power cal acquisition already in progress.+
    +Severity: Error+
    +EventID: E80202AD (hex)+
How can I clear this 685 error without rebooting the system? How can I apply my source power calibration Correction to source 1 (maybe the problem is coming from the source power empty field during the calibration).

I have a short video of the pna screen showing the errors (It is going very fast but when watching with vlc-player in very slow motion, we can note those problems: empty source field, error message...). I can post that if it can help.

Thank you for your help, I really don't know what can I try now,

I can provide precision i needed.

Kind regards