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E8363B Mixer /Freq. Offset test Problem

Question asked by Zee on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by Zee
I have E8362B with 080,081,083,014,UNL,H11 etc. also  83631B Signal generator. I don’t have any reference mixer or golden. 
1.     With these hardware what type test to a mixer I can perform?
2.     I want just measure Conversion loss(magnitude only) of a mixer,kindly tell me what else is required?
3.     I could not found SMC/VMC calibration in Calibration menu A.06.0# 
4.     When I enable Frequency Offset I found Phase Lock Lost error.
5.     PNA accepts 83631B it as a signal generator at GPIB 19 but some error. Can I use this as an external signal generator for mixer testing?
6.     If PNA does not accept this, is there any way to control this using VBA scripts commands inside PNA and develop customize test. 
any link to detailed app. note or tutorial will be greatly appriciated.

Zubair Rafiq