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34970A-34901A / Thremocouples scanning problem

Question asked by frenky77 on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by AlphaBob
I'm using an old 34970A with three modules:
- an old 34901A
- a new 34901A
- a new 34903A
The software is the Benchlink datalogger 3 ver 4.2.00

The problem is only on the thermocouples on the second 34901A module, the newer.
In a random mode, during the scan, the thermocouples give me a "OVLD" error: it happens totally random! This problem get worst during the scan.
There are other signals (i.e. voltage) in the scan on the second module and they don't give me this problem.

There's one more problem that is probably connected with the first: the relay odometer doesn't works on the second 34901A module (the one on that there's the thermocouples problem) and on the 34903A module. I can only read the number 0, 1, -1 (??!!) instead of the rela number as on the first old 34901A module happens.

Here something about my configuration:
Autozero: enabled
Scan interval: 30 seconds

TC settings (on both modules)
NPLC: 10
Channel delay: auto
Thermocouple: autocheck
Reference junction temeperature: internal

For better understand I attach my configuration file.