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37719A OmniBER questions

Question asked by swperk on Jul 3, 2012
I couldn't find a forum specifically for BER testers, but since I posted a question here a while ago about my 86130A BitAlyzer scope (many thanks again to all for their help!), I though it would be a place to start. Apologies in advance if I'm off base with posting to this forum, but here goes:

I just acquired an OmniBER 37719A bit error rate tester. Once I replaced the lithium backup battery it seems to be working fine. I've downloaded all of the literature I could find on the Agilent site and am slowly beginning to learn about this instrument's capabilities. What I cannot find is any firmware upgrade software or even any mention of how an upgrade might be done. Can anyone help? My current firmware is 3.52, and from my reading it looks like there was at least a version 5.38 released.