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3458A Synchronous Sub-sampled Mode

Question asked by sidney.higuchi on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by sidney.higuchi
When I measured a 600 ohm audio source output connected to the 3458A through a 600 ohm feed-through at frequencies 5 Hz to 1.0 MHz, the DVM reading started to rolloff at 130kHz and at 1.0MHz the DVM display was >-6%.  When I connected the Fluke 5700A wideband output to the DVM, the deviation over the 5 Hz to 1.0 MHz was <1.0%.  When I connected the terminated 600 ohm audio source to a HP 400F, the analog meter deviated <1% over the 5 Hz to 1.0 MHz.  What's happening with the 3458A? Is this a software issue?