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wrong output voltage read back from e4350b

Question asked by cem22 on Apr 14, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by hari001
hi every one
I'm using agilent vee pro 8.5 to program e4350b solar array simulator in direct i/o mode.
when e4350b is taken to "sas" mode of operation, the result of query of parameters (like isc and voc) is correct, but the result of query of output voltage and current is not.
At the same time, when i use interactive i/o or visa assistant from agilent i/o to read back output voltage and/or current from e4350b, the result is correct.
the command i use in all cases is : "meas:volt?" or "meas:curr?"

the messages captured by agilent vee pro i/o monitor, as well as block diagram are included in attachment