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8508A/70138A Vector Voltmeter plug in extender

Question asked by JFP on Jun 7, 2008
I am adjusting a 85082A 2 Ghz module for the 70138A (8508A) vector voltmeter. Due to the MMS configuration I need a 08508-60032 module extender but it is no longer supplied by Agilent. I have used a (short !) computer cable and I reached a full nominal cal. Unfortunately, as the plug in was inserted, it was a disaster : even the calibration at 50Mhz was lost and at 2Ghz I was more than 3db down ! Therefore the question : how long is the extender and, the last but not the least, where are the tricks : shielded coaxs for the sampled signals, low capacity wiring ??? Thanks.