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updating i/o in an until break

Question asked by bolka on May 20, 2010
Latest reply on May 21, 2010 by bolka

I am new to programming in VEE and I have come across a problem.  I am writing a program to test an FPGA board.  I am using an Agilent 34907A to power the digital inputs and monitor the digital outputs.  Since I am changing the inputs manually using a slider and two vertical slides, I want the program to be running constantly; therefore, I made an until break loop with an if statement that checks if a Quit button is pressed and if it is, the program stops, and if it isn't, the program keeps running.  I found that my program behaves as expected the first time through the loop (with the initial conditions), but then when I try to change the inputs, the outputs do not change.  Upon further inspection, when I change the digital inputs, they are not changed on the Agilent 34907A.  Does anyone have any advice?