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Modifying Port Area in ADS-2008 (or 2009) Layout for EMDS simulation

Question asked by engrvivs on Jun 23, 2012

This is related to layout design in Agilent's ADS-2008 (or 2009) for EMDS simulation. I want to know if the port area, as shown by EMDS > 3D EM Preview, can be modified by the designer? By port area, I mean the port boundaries, depicted as shaded portions in the attached figure.

I found that ADS software automatically sets the port areas as follows:
ADS-2008  =>  Wp = 7xWstrip;    Hp = 4xHsbstrt
ADS-2009  =>  Wp = 21xWstrip;    Hp = 11xHsbstrt
Wp and Hp => the width and the height of the port area, respectively; 
Wstrip => width of the microstrip line
Hsbstrt => height of the substrate

Moreover, it would also be beneficial if someone can suggest appropriate port dimensions for correct simulations of microstrip line based structures in EMDS.

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