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33500A/33500B 2 Channel output example

Question asked by lhornburg Employee on Aug 24, 2012
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    '    Copyright © 2010 Agilent Technologies Inc. All rights
    '    reserved.
    ' You have a royalty-free right to use, modify, reproduce and distribute
    ' the Sample Application Files (and/or any modified version) in any way
    ' you find useful, provided that you agree that Agilent has no
    ' warranty,  obligations or liability for any Sample Application Files.
    ' Agilent Technologies provides programming examples for illustration only,
    ' This sample program assumes that you are familiar with the programming
    ' language being demonstrated and the tools used to create and debug
    ' procedures. Agilent support engineers can help explain the
    ' functionality of Agilent software components and associated
    ' commands, but they will not modify these samples to provide added
    ' functionality or construct procedures to meet your specific needs.

    'This sample program is intended to use with Microsoft Visual studio 6.0
    'and Agilent Visa Object library.
    'Sample program execution requires VISA library installation as pre requisites.
    'Add below libraries in project reference in Project\reference menu prior to execution of sample 'program:
    'VISA COM 3.0 Type Library, Location: \VisaCom\GlobMgr.dll
    'VISA COM 488.2 Formatted I/O 1.0, Location: \VisaCom\BasFrmIO.dll
    'VISA COM Resource Manager 1.0, Location: \bin\AgtRM.dll
' ****************************************************************************

' """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
'2_Channel_output is a sample program demonstrate the different function wave output on both channels of 33522A instrument with following signal specification
'Channel 1 Parameter:
'Wave Shape: Sine
'Frequency:  1000 Hz
'Amplitude:  2 Volt Peak to Peak
'Offset:     0 Volt
'Load Impedance:   50 Ohm
'Channel1 Output: Enabled
'Channel 2 Parameter:
'Wave Shape: Square
'Frequency:  20 KHz
'Amplitude:  1 Volt RMS
'Offset:     1 Volt
'Load Impedance:   10 KOhm
'Channel2 Output: Enabled

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim io_mgr As VisaComLib.ResourceManager
    Dim mfIo As VisaComLib.FormattedIO488
    Set io_mgr = New AgilentRMLib.SRMCls
    Set mfIo = New FormattedIO488
    Set mfIo.IO = io_mgr.Open(Text1.Text, NO_LOCK, 2000, "")
    On Error GoTo MyError
    With mfIo
        'Reset and clear instrument
         .WriteString "*RST"
        'Send Command to set the desired configuration
        .WriteString "SOURCE1:FUNCTION SIN"
        .WriteString "SOURCE1:FREQUENCY 1000"
        .WriteString "SOURCE1:VOLT:UNIT VPP"
        .WriteString "SOURCE1:VOLT 2"
        .WriteString "SOURCE1:VOLT:OFFSET 0"
        .WriteString "OUTPUT1:LOAD 50"
        'Send Command to set the desired configuration
        .WriteString "SOURCE2:FUNCTION SQU"
        .WriteString "SOURCE2:FREQUENCY 20E3"
        .WriteString "SOURCE2:VOLT:UNIT VRMS"
        .WriteString "SOURCE2:VOLT 1"
        .WriteString "SOURCE2:VOLT:OFFSET 1"
        .WriteString "OUTPUT2:LOAD MAX"         'Maximum load impedance corresponds to 10 KOhm
        'Enable Channel1 output.
        .WriteString "OUTPUT1 ON"
        'Enable Channel2 output.
        .WriteString "OUTPUT2 ON"
    End With
    Text2.Text = "Output set on both channels"
Exit Sub

    Text2 = Err.Description
    Resume Next
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

    Text2.Text = ""
End Sub