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8753E S-Parameter softkey labels switched

Question asked by SteveReeves on Apr 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2008 by Dr_joel
We have an 8753E Network Analyzer that has a worrisome problem with its softkey labels for S-parameters.

As found:                                           notes:

S11   Refl: FWD  A/R                           OK
S21   Tran: FWD  B/R                          OK
S12   Tran: REV  B/R                           should be A/R
S22   Refl:  REV  A/R                           should be B/R

The Agilent documentation for the 8753D and 8753E show that this analyzer is mis-labelled according to the key definitions. Also, I compared this unit with an 8753D's key labels. Agilent suggested a memory reset and the trying a F/W update. I did both and neither helped the problem.
Also, as a sidepoint, this unit has option 011 so it has to be used with an external S-parameter test set, typically the 85046A/B. The user confided that he had mistakenly tried the 35677A S-Parameter Test Set (which is for the 3577A/B.

I would appreciate any suggestions to correct this problem, other than placing a warning label on the unit.