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Agilent 6038A Power Supply

Question asked by micahcruz on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by Raclegg
I have 5 different 6038A power supplies that all do the same thing so I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with these units.  I cannot adjust my front panel digital readout voltmeter on any of these 5 power supplies.  I am assuming that you use the adjustment pot labeled R24 Meter F.S. which means meter full scale. When I try to adjust this R24 pot i can see no changes in either the front panel voltmeter or the current meter.  And yes the sensing strapping is hooked for local sensing.  It also does the same thing with remote sensing, the front panel does not agree with the output.  And the readings are only off by small amounts.  One supply is reading low by 200 mv, another by 500mv, and another at almost 1v, the 3 others are all good enough to meet the meter specs in the front of the manual.  The strange thing is that there is no mention of this adjustment in the manual for the calibration procedures or no mention of it in the performance tests. No where in the manual does it mention the front panel meters except for some specs in the front of the manual that gives three ranges and the resolution and accuracy of the front panel meters.  How is one suppose to adjust these front panel digital readout meters on these power supplies?  It is possible that there is something actually wrong with all 5 of the units as they all came from the same company, the US military....
The R24 adjustment acts the same on all 5 supplies, no reaction to the adjuster while monitoring the front panel displays...