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Question on Agilent E8257C Signal Generators

Question asked by sushilsub on Jun 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by tabbott

I am trying to generate an FM signal using the Agilent E8257C Signal Generator.

Can you please tell me how FM_Dev is incorporated into the FM Signal equation. According to my textbook, if the model for the FM signal is:

x(t) = cos (2 pi f t + 2 pi Delta_f y(t))

where y(t) is a modulating information tone which has normalized amplitude (i.e. maximum amplitude = 1). I define Delta_f as the frequency deviation.

I realize that when I set FM_Dev = 25 KHz (5 KHz increment) on the scope I get the output signal (measured on Spectrum Analyzer), as setting the Delta_f = 0.2 for an FM signal with the center frequency f = 100 MHz and y(t) is of frequency 20 KHz.

Can you please tell me what the relation between FM_Dev and Delta_f is?