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Access Database Limitations

Question asked by virgiltu on Jun 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by changmeikuan

So my program needs a part that will pull the data from a specific row in the database. The data from the database is then changed and sent back to be updated using the Update and Execute Sql command.

So i pulled the Demo Example of the Update.Vee file

Everything seems to work great.  However if you change the numbers that are being updated to lets say a name and try to updated it you will realize that a nice error "ExecuteNonQuery" will not allow you to do it.  

So thank you for making a demo that will show me how to use the only function available and also for not putting the limitation information anywhere in the help file.

In the end thank you Agilent for making me pay over $3k for a half made software. Some updated to make this and the other limitations work would be appreciated. If anybody know how to updated an entire row in mdb please let me know. The update row example updated all the rows, but I am having hard time figuring out the code that will allow me to only update the fields in row 2 for example.