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Beginner about VEE control program to the N9340A

Question asked by tang on Mar 21, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2010 by tang
Dear all,

I want to study the VEE but I have no any experiment of VEE coding. I have an N9340A and have connected it to the PC and in VEE 9.0, the instrument was found with the title "newInstrument (agn9340a @USBInstrument1)", I have added it into the Main window.

What should I do next to let the program read the measured data to the computer and then display it dynamically (I have created a display window XY trace)? What should I do to send the control commands to the N9340A to let the measured range from 1~2 GHz?

Where can I find these commands?

Zhanghong Tang