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Retrieving manually acquired data from E4404B analyzer using IVI-Com

Question asked by chrisfromdelphi on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by tabbott

I am attempting to make a simple tool to manually retrieve data from the E4404B Spectrum Analyzer using Agilent command Expert. Instead of setting up a program to control the analyzer, I want to manually configure my measurement and then run a script to transfer the data on the display to Excel. 

I have some functionality, but I need to retrieve the frequency start and stop frequencies currently displayed on the unit. I don't want the user to be forced to enter the frequency limits on the computer before retrieving data. 

I am able to retrieve the amplitude data and the number of data points, but how can I retrieve the frequency information for the trace currently displayed on the meter? I am working with the IVI-com drivers, but suggestions for accomplishing this using GPIB commands would help as well.