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Q? - 3325A Amplitude Cal Function Problem

Question asked by Jeffery on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by tabbott
After adjusting the amplitude IAW Para. 5-13 (OPERATING & SERVICE MANUAL), pressing "AMPTD CAL" resets amplitude to before adjusted values.

Specifically; 10 Vpp Measures out at 3.466 Vrms (Spec 3.536V ±0.04V), step by step adjustment is performed and everything falls within spec.  When "AMPTD CAL" is pressed, the output voltage drops back to 3.466 Vrms, and adjustments must be done from the begining, endless loop...

How do you adjust the "AMPTD CAL" feature to hold the spec properly, once you leave the 1Vpp/1mVDCO adustment routine? (Para 5-13)

I have perfomed the entire adjustment in order, and still the problem perstists.  Troubleshooting the "Service Group K" yeilds no faults.

P.S. The online manual is missing page 5-2 of the Adjustments. (I'm using a hard copy)