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E5061A 2 Port Transmission Thru Calibration ???

Question asked by virgiltu on May 4, 2011
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Anybody has a piece of the code on how to do a transmission thru calibration on the E5061A with four traces activated?  This is driving me nuts and the manual is not much help.

This code does not work. The analyzers beeps but only two traces show on the screen and two dissipater. however If i manually press on the transmission thru button on the analyzer it calibrates all four traces.

Any ideas?

Example of use 10 OUTPUT 717;":SENS1:CORR:COLL:THRU 1,2"
20 OUTPUT 717;"*OPC?"
30 ENTER 717;A
Equivalent key [Cal] - Calibrate - Response (Thru) - Thru
[Cal] - Calibrate - n-Port Cal - Transmission - Port m-n Thru