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TRM Cal on E8801A

Question asked by shan on Jun 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2008 by shan
Hi Brad,
Goodnews. I managed to make TRM cal almost working.
Thanks for all the support.
The reason I had trouble was instead of defining both female and male connectors I defined male type only which produced errors msgs when I select opposite sex connectors for each ports. 

It is great that it is now moving forward without error messages.

However have few doubts still.
Is it important to perform the TRM cal in a order?  :? (TRM or RMT or MRT..)
Is it must to apply global delta cal first and apply?
How to apply Rev Isolation isolation cal std for TRM?
How to apply Fwd Isolation isolation cal std for TRM?
I understand isolation is optional for unguided SOLT.
How do we activate this for guided cal.