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SCPI Read of 'Run Control'

Question asked by jwegman on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by MarkL
So I've got a battery-powered board that is "zombie starting", and there are two possible nodes that could be causing the issue.  The time between "zombie starts" can go from anywhere between immediately after shutdown to several days.  Therefore, I was going to put a scope (MSO7104A) on the various nodes and trigger off of one of the supplies that comes up upon system startup.  I wanted to be able to see at what time the trigger event actually occurred, so I was going to set up a script in an infinite loop that polled the status of the scope.  In going through the manual, I found the following commands that were related, but don't actually do what I'd like:

-TER?/STB?:  The last bit refers to whether or not there has been a trigger event.  However, the window in which the trigger occurs and the data is collected is sufficiently small that I can query this register and the trigger event has been cleared by the time I go to check on its status.

-OPER:COND?:  This states that the run bit is set if the oscilloscope is not stopped.  However, when the oscilloscope is in single shot mode, it's only "not stopped" for a short period of time, so again, unless I catch this at absolutely the right time, I'm always going to risk missing the event.

-AER?:  From the data manual, this should indicate a '1' when the scope is in the armed state.  Again, in this scenario, it's easy to miss when this event occurs since it's transient.

What I'm really looking for is just a register to read from that indicates what the lights on the front of the scope are indicating, i.e. "RUN", "STOP", or "SINGLE".  You can write to these "states", but you don't appear to be able to read from them, unless I'm missing something.

Any help on this is appreciated.