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HP 8753A says "Instrument State Memory Cleared""

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 4, 2012
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A friend has an HP 8753A VNA, but when swtiched on it now says "Instrument State Memory Cleared". Is this something harmless like a battery that's dead, and easily corrected, or something more serious? He fears it might have lost its calibration data, and has no way of putting it back. 

I''ve also bought an 8753A, although I've not got it yet (on its way from USA -> UK)). But I intend selling it, as I've just bougtht an Agilent CertiPrime N9923A FieldFox. The N9923A  and 8753A cover a similar freuquency range, and there is little point in keeping both, especially as I also have an 8720D. I don't need 3 VNAs. 

Anyway, my friend suspects his VNA might have lost it's calibration data. Is this true? If it has been lost, would it give him at least a workable instrument if I downloaded ed the calibration data from my VNA when it arrives, and uploaed it into his? I assume this needs to be done via GPIB, as there are no floppies on these instruments.