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Resolution for "Math Average" + combined HW+SW trigger

Question asked by mfglinux on Sep 3, 2012
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This is a question concerning operation of an Infinium 9000 series (9254A).

I have setup a combined hardware (HW) "falling edge trigger" in channel 1 and a software (SW) "Zone Qualify" trigger for channel 2. As a result, the scope acquisition "Sampling mode" changes automatically to "Normal".

I then use "Math average" to build a function showing an average of channel 2, following the advice in this formum. See: I cannot average with falling edge + Infiniiscan triggers  .

My volt resolution has dropped:

        -> If I only use HW trigger I get ~    1 microVolt with acquisition averaging
        -> If I use HW+SW trigger I get ~ 200 microVolt with Math Averaging

Is there a way to improve vertical resolution under this configuration?

Thank you for any hint


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