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3648A output voltage not changing

Question asked by ravi_vms on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by wolfman

We have an Agilent 3648A dual output power supply. I am not able to increase the output voltage of OVP1 beyond 1V when I set the voltage limit to 5V and current limit to 2.5A. Also, on OVP2 I see that there is always a difference of about 3V between the actual output voltage and the voltage limit set (limit being higher than the actual output). The supply shows CV mode.

OVP1 also behaves erratically sometimes even under no-load condition. The output which is normally at about 0.6V suddenly shoots up to 8.2V (this being the limit set), and drops back to 0.6V.

The supply was working perfectly until recently. I suspect the front panel operation to save some states has put the supply in a weird state.

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