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U3606A Constant Current Over Voltage

Question asked by RomanYork on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by RomanYork
I am unsure as to whether my brand new U3606A is working properly or not.
I'm trying to replace a DMM and Agilent E3631A supply with the U3606A for test and development but I can't seem to get the supply part of the new unit to behave like the old one.
The problem I'm seeing is that the Brand New U3606A will exhibit a very large voltage overshoot after transitioning from CC to low load. Here's an example of the problem:
Choose the S1 (30V/1A) supply mode, adjust the voltage to 10V and set the current limit to 1A, adjust the supply so the output does not shut off with over current, use a 3.5ohm resistor for a load. 
-When open the output is at 10V,
-When the resistor is connected between the supply power and ground the supply will over current 2.7A for 300ms (9.3V over the resistor), then limit to 1A (3.5V over the reistor). 
-When the resistor is disconnected from ground the supply voltage goes down to 0V for 300ms, then shoots up to 30V for 1 second, then drops to 10V again in a slow 300ms drop.

Is this supply supposed to do this or is it malfunctioning. 
When I do this same experiment on the E3631A the  supply immediately drops to 3.5V with the load connection, then immediately rises to 10V after it is disconnected with no undershoot or overshoot.  This is the the type of behavior that I require.