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HPWDT ,Panel drivers, Driver Syntax/Docs

Question asked by TimH on Mar 19, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2011 by TimH
It seems panel drivers are now depricated, but for most of my old HP GPIB instruments,  there are no IVI drivers, only panel drivers.

Is the HP writer driver tool (  HPWDT) still available?
Is there any documentation on the syntax of the language used for the panel driver files?

I was thinking that the old panel driver files would be an excellent starting point, for making new drivers for my old, otherwise unsupported, HP instruments. But this requires some knowledge of the driver file syntax.

Reading the driver files with a text editor, shows there are two parts: 
COMPONENTS :  for storing/sending/reading the constants/strings used to set up device operating state values.
PANELS :      UI boxes ,graphics and buttons for control and display

Searching the board, there were a few related threads previously, but no links to docs or hard information.

Thanks for any help.

Tim Hughes