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I still need Help on a user program

Question asked by marcorosas on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2010 by daras
Thanks for the help I received from Dara and PingWei but I still have the same issue, by the way I couldn´t open the "stop" file PingWei sent me because I have an older VEE version, any way I attached my application so that it can show the problem better when run it in "vxe".


I´m new on this VEE software, I wrote a simple program to measure and print a resistance value from a fluke meter, everythink works fine in the code but when I run the executable file (vxe) and it finishes, it closes itself, what I need to do in the code to keep the program running?
The last comand I put in the program was a pop up message asking the user "Print", so when they clic on the "OK" or "Cancel" buttom is when the executable closes it self

Hope somebody could give some tips to solve this problem